Underwear Stand-Off

So, Jacqui and I had a solid 20-minute underwear stand-off this morning before we started our continued letter J lesson. Basically, Jacqui was running around naked and didn’t want to put her underwear on and after multiple times of politely asking her to do so, she balled them up and threw them at me saying she couldn’t do it. Side note: She has a decent throwing arm. Anyways, I threw them back at her and told that I’d sit on the couch all day before I put the underwear on for her.

A few things… One, she can do it. I’ve seen her put on underwear before. Two, I was in too deep to just give up and do it for her. I waited… And waited. After about 20 minutes an idea came to me as Jacqui was still prancing around bare-assed. I closed my eyes and told her to wake me up when she puts her underwear on. After about a minute, she ran over and woke me up to let me know that she put her underwear on. Success. Kind of upsetting that I didn’t think of that idea in minute 1 of this old-western style showdown.

Educational note: I’m proud to say that Jacqui now knows that her name starts with the letter J! She just needed a good night’s sleep for it to sink in. We resumed our J activity this morning. We did the same exercise as the other day, but I did draw two J-related items so she could color them so I guess you could say we knocked out Art class as well. The before-color photo is below, go ahead and make fun of it, I don’t care. Also pictured is a huge J I drew so Jacqui could color that as well. By the way, Jules has been perfect today. She smiled and giggled her way through the underwear stand-off and during the letter J lessons.

Another educational note: I forgot to mention in my first post that I play classical music while I’m teaching Jacqui. It gives the our apartment a more scholarly atmosphere. Subtle, yet effective. Subconsciously it’s helping her learn and it makes me feel classy. Speaking of music, I’m on the verge of booking an adequately talented singer-songwriter to come over a few days a month to sing tunes and shred the ax for me and the girls. That’ll be fun, more on that after I book the gigs.

Well, my goal was to keep these somewhat short, so I’ll keep the items I didn’t mention here for another time.

Upcoming topics: Zoo trip, bird school, trip to Port Allegany, more education

Until next time. PEACE.

collage 5-24-17


Welcome to Father University

Hi there… I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this blog going, but my wife suggested that I start one as this new adventure in our lives begins, so here goes.

Background: I’m a 34 year-old husband and father of two beautiful little girls. I recently resigned (don’t like the word quit) as a Marketing Director for one of Ohio’s largest John Deere dealers to become a stay-at-home father. I’ll be working from home part-time in the evenings/nights for Amazon, doing customer service (phone, email, chat) and watching/educating my girls during the day. I’m not going to get into details about money or the job I left, but basically, day care costs are extravagant and I wanted to spend more time with my girls. Simple as that! This decision is not going to hurt us on the financial side at all. I’m sure you were worried sick over that, but don’t fret, all is good.

Why Father University? Two reasons… I’m a father and I live at a university. My wife’s job allows us the luxury of living in two-bedroom apartment within a residence hall at Otterbein University just outside of Columbus, OH. I don’t have to smuggle in alcohol, so that’s a plus. If I had no morals I could mark up the price of alcohol and sell it to the students here, but I want my wife to keep her job and I want to stay out of prison.

Anyways… As I mentioned previously, we’ve got two awesome daughters; Jacqueline and Juliana. Jacqui is 3 1/2 years old and Jules is 4 months old. The older one is mostly sweet, sometimes a pain in the ass, but what 2, 3 or 4 year old isn’t? The younger one is perfect so far and really never frustrates me. When she’s pissy, she either needs a diaper change, a nap or a hit of that sweet, sweet Mother’s milk. Yes, that last part sounded creepy and weird but I’m not deleting it.

Not going to try and make these posts too long because the attention spans of people these days are crap, so long story short, I’ll try to keep you guys entertained a few times a week with what’s going on as my run as a stay-at-home father. If views/readers are down, I’ll take the hint and stop.

Educational note: I taught Jacqui all about the letter J yesterday. I wrote out the Js on a piece of paper, she traced them with a marker and then practiced on a separate sheet of paper. I think that’s decent teaching, right? Jules wasn’t much help, I felt like she just sat there and made fun of us silently. I’ll probably continue with the letter J tomorrow because the last time I asked her what her first name started with, she said “C” and that was after our lesson, so I think we need some more work. Ohh yeah, we also did some Phys. Ed at the park. I stood around and watched Jacqui get some exercise.

Upcoming events: Zoo today with one of Jacqui’s friends. More education from Dad. Port Allegany, PA this weekend.

Until next time. PEACE.

collage 5-23-17