Alexa: Watch Jacqui Fall

So I used my employee discount and a few gift cards that I earned through my training at Amazon to get a great deal on an Alexa Echo device on Amazon Prime Day. If you’re not familiar with the Alexa devices, they’re speakers that are voice activated. You can play music, games, connect it to SiriusXM, check weather, traffic and even shop on Amazon as long as you hook it up correctly through WiFi and your Amazon account.

Anyways, you have to preface your command with “Alexa” or it won’t respond to you. Watching and listening to Jacqui try to get Alexa to do what she says is hilarious. I think she’s been successful at activating it once out of a hundred times. The device doesn’t pick up the way she says Alexa, which is more like “Ayeck sa” so it’s a struggle for her most times. Usually she’ll tell us what song she wants and we command Alexa to play it for her. It’s a pretty neat piece of technology especially now that we’ve got SirusXM hooked up in the house.

Alexa tip: Don’t ask Alexa to turn the volume up to 10 because it’s loud as hell. I think it’d be fine if you’re outside, but it gets so loud in a confined space that it’s hard for Alexa to hear the command you shout back at it to turn it down. ALEXA! TURN DOWN THE *%$&@#! MUSIC!

Jacqui gets so excited when certain songs come on, once in a while she’ll lose her footing and fall. Not terrible falls, but falls that make me cackle, then she gets upset and runs out of the room a la Joe Dirt after being made fun of by Robbie about crying.  You can watch that clip here She ends up being a good sport though and comes back in and jams out with me.

Education update: I’ve been taking the girls to the public library once a week for about a month now. Jacqui typically grabs two DVDs while we’re there and once in a while I’ll see a book that I think she’ll like. The most recent book was called Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in 9 Innings. It’s about a girl that played baseball with the boys back in the day and the boys accepting that the girl was damn good at baseball. It was cool. I try to get books that aren’t all about princesses and girls being pretty so Jacqui isn’t brainwashed into thinking that’s all she needs to be. Just wait until she starts taking jiu-jitsu classes after she turns 4. I’m sure she’ll look cute in her little jiu-jitsu uniform, but let’s hope she’ll learn how to snap some dude’s arm, if they deserve it, of course!

Jules update: Jules is starting to mumble “dada” over and over. It’s probably because that’s all I say to her. Not ashamed. I’m not sure what Jacqui’s first word was, but Jules’ will be “dada” because I’ve got more control over the situation now. She had her 6-month appointment a few weeks back, she weighs more at 6 months than Jacqui weighed at a year, lol. I knew she liked to eat, but damn! She’s a healthy baby girl and can’t resist the sweet, sweet Mother’s milk that’s offered to her many times a day. She’s starting to eat more foods too and loves it. The excitement that fills her body when she sees a spoon with food on it is second-to-none. I’m sure I could give her a dozen chicken wings and she’d finish at least half of them. Anyways, she’s healthy and growing, that’s all that matters!

Upcoming events: Heading to Port Allegany this weekend for my cousin Kelly’s wedding. Should see some cousins that I haven’t seen in a while, so that’ll be fun. One of my good friends from Port is getting married that same day, sad I’ll miss that one, but a decision had to be made as to which one we’d attend. Next weekend I’m playing in a golf scramble tourney with some friends here in Ohio, then it’s Fantasy Football Draft season starting August 5 in Latrobe, PA. The Latrobe draft is an auction-style draft, and we’ve got a sweet tradition of playing wiffleball for hours before the draft begins. Also, DINO’S WINGS BABY! It’s so much fun, don’t be jealous.

Latrobe Fantasy Football Draft Fun Fact: A few years ago, we were at a bar in Latrobe and saw Steelers’ head football coach Mike Tomlin. He walked by our group and my friend and fantasy league-mate Josh McNeil decided to ask Mr. Tomlin if I looked like Steelers’ mediocre defensive end Brett Keisel. Tomlin looked at me quickly and as he kept walking past us, said “NO”, and off he went. Case closed. For years I heard that I looked like this Keisel guy simply because I had a beard. Sorry, but Mike Tomlin confirmed it, folks!


That’s it for now.

Until next time. PEACE.


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