Jacqui Q&A: Volume 2 (Game of Thrones Edition)

D: What’s your pet fish’s name?

J: Umm fizzy. It’s dog fish.

D: No it’s not. What is your fish’s name?

J: Um Jon Snow.

D: Do know why his name is Jon Snow?

J: Yeah. Why?

D: It’s named after a character from Game of Thrones. Do you know about Game of Thrones?

J: Yeah. That means when people shoot.

D: Shoot? What do you mean?

J: Shoot means when you lost your wallet. It means like “Oh shoot, I forgot my wallet.”

D: Okay, I see what you mean. Who do you think should sit on the Iron Throne?

J: Nala the king. Simba the king.

D: But Simba isn’t in Game of Thrones?

J: I’m going to pick Jon Snow.

D: Okay, we’re on the right track. Why should Jon Snow be on the Iron Throne?

J: Cuz Jon Snow is in the snow! Cuz he’s a little, a little Game of Throne.

D: Okay. Well, how about Littlefinger?

J: Linger finger? *singing* Who’s linger finger, who’s linger finger, who’s linger finger?

D: He’s a little weaselly, creepy character that is playing the Game of Thrones.

J: Yeah he should be king. Linger Finger can be the king.

D: Okay let’s try something different. I’m going to show you some pictures of the characters from Game of Thrones. Let’s start with Tyrion Lannister.

J: He’s practicing.

D: Practicing what?

J: That means when you always practice to roll around.

D: Okay. Moving on.

J: Who is that lady?

D: Arya Stark.

J: She looks like a bad lady. Bad lady! It’s killing time.

D: Okay, probably shouldn’t have shown you that picture of her getting stabbed.

J: Stabbed. Stabbed.

D: What about this guy? His name is The Hound.

J: He’s happy. It’s a hound finger.

D: No, just The Hound.

J: That guys is not cool. That’s a majorly guy. That’s a Game of Thrones. He likes to bah bah bah bah.

D: He likes to what?

J: Game of Throne.

D: What about this guy?

J: Um I think he’s one in snow. I don’t know.

D: Well guess what. That’s Jon Snow.

J: I have my fish Jon Snow. I have my fish Jon Snow, I have my fish Jon Snow. Awwww he’s rolling and making angels.

D: Well, he’s just laying in the snow in a pool of blood.

J: Blood? Why?

D: Well, this probably wasn’t a good idea to show you these photos.

J: But he was rolling in the snow.

D: I know. Okay, one more. What do you think of this woman?

J: A dragon! She’s riding a dragon. That dragon name is Chay the Dinosaur. Maybe it’s a dinosaur but, it looks like a dinosaur.

D: Why is she riding on the dragon?

J: Because she likes dragons. She likes, she likes, she likes dragons. This is just a little dragon.

D: Okay, last question. Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne when the show is over?

J: That lady down there. Or Christoff. That’s from Anna and Elsa and Olaf and Sven.

D: Okay, so we should look out for a new character named Christoff in Game of Thrones?

J: And I want Anna too. And Olaf.

D: But he’s a snowman. I guess winter is coming though right?

J: I want Sven.

D: Okay, I’m ending this because you just keep talking about Frozen.

Enjoy Season 7, ya’ll!

Until next time. PEACE.


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