Jacqui Q&A: Volume 1

Figured I’d try something a little different for this post… Jacqui is designated with a J, I’m the D in case you guys couldn’t decipher that. I’ll probably do more of these focused on certain entertainment and sports topics. Enjoy!

D: What’s your name?

J: Ummmm, the answer is I want to go to the park with you.

D: That’s not your name, what’s your name?

J: I’m Jacqueline Barnard. And I’m Jacqui. And I want to go to the park with you.

D: I get it, you want to go to the park. Maybe tomorrow. What’s your favorite movie?

J: Umm Tarzan, I want to watch Tarzan.

D: Are you just saying Tarzan because we rented it at the library today?

J: Yeah I want to watch Tarzan.

D: Okay, after my questions. What’s your favorite song?

J: Umm that one that we saw’d yesterday while I was taking a bath.

D: Which song?

J: Twinkle twinkle little star. I love that song.

D: Okay… Who is your family?

J: Mommy and Daddy and Jules.

D: Okay, cool. What is your favorite thing to do?

J: I love the zoo. *ran into the other room for some reason* Got my computer. How about you answer questions now.

D: So you want to ask me questions now?

J: Yeah, what kind of answer do you want to tell me?

D: You’re supposed to ask me questions.

J: Do you like your toes wet?

D: Do I like my toes wet? No, I don’t like my toes wet.

J: Do you like walking down the street?

D: It depends on what I’m doing. Any more questions?

J: Do you like walking down the street with me holding my hand?

D: Yes, I enjoy that very much.

J: Do you like walking down the… the… Do you like walking down the sidewalk?

Q: Yes I prefer walking down the sidewalk.

J: And do you like driving?

D: Yes I do.

J: Do you like Momma to drive?

D: Yeah so I can take a nap.

A: Do you like to watch a movie and at night and so at wake up time? There is a picture of me of when I was sleeping on Mommy’s phone.

D: I like movies, that’s cool about the picture.

J: The weather is sunny. The answer is I like to play with my toys.

D: What’s your favorite toy?

J: The guy I got from McDonald’s. The bad guy.

D: What about Paw Patrol?

J: Um yeah. Chase, Zuma, um Sky, and I need work to do on my computer.

D: What kind of work are you doing?

J: Trying to get the animals to press today.

D: Interesting. What are they pressing?

J: I’m pressing my animals and numbers. I want to practice writing my numbers. What kind of letter am I practice today? What’s that under the table?

D: We can practice the letter ‘U’ today. That’s a box under the table.

J: Do I like playing with my cousins? That’s it.

D: I think you like playing with your cousins, yes.

J: Also get Charlotte and Ben is coming!

D: Charlotte and Oliver are coming soon, yes. Not Ben. Ben was here a few weeks ago. What do you think of your sister Jules?

J: She likes walking, likes to stand-up and sit down. Do you want the blanky? Is that what you said? She’s a little silly head, lalalala, that’s all.

D: Okay, thanks for your time.

J: Do you want to answer my questions?

D: No thanks. Already did. Last question. Who will win. Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor?

J: ME. Me. Me.

D: You’re not fighting. Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor?

J: Conor Mecker.

D: Okay. Who? Conor McGregor or Floyd Mathweather?

J: Floyd Manamer.

D: You’re just saying the last name I say huh?

J: Okay.

Until next time. PEACE.




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