Grocery Pick-Up: It’s Awesome!

I know grocery pick-up isn’t a new concept, but it’s new to me and being able to swing by the grocery store (Giant Eagle) without getting out of the vehicle is absolutely freaking awesome. I pop on to Giant Eagle’s website, order my stuff and select a half-hour time slot to drive into the VIP section of the parking lot and they bring my groceries out to me. Also, you can sort by cheapest price and sort by what’s on sale so I feel like I’m being more savvy with shopping.

I’d say this saves me about an hour trip to the grocery store, I’m not sad about it. It’s not like many memories are made in grocery stores, right? Most of the memories I have of going to the store with my Mom involve her getting pissed at me or my brothers. Sorry, Momma! I’m sure it was a treat for her to go by herself and not have to worry about her little piss-ant children running around, wondering where we were or begging for the expensive cereal with marshmallows or promising to buy us a cheap-ass toy to keep us from being little buttholes.


(Note: The above photo is not a real photo of my Mom toting around two screaming children, it’s a stock photo, carry on…)

The grocery pick-up service costs $4.95, but Giant Eagle has it set up to where it’s free for the first three times you use it, which is smart because it lures you in and shows you how easy and time-saving it is. I’ll continue to use it after my next free run, mainly because I don’t really want to shop with children and that’s worth $5 to me. Yes, this particular store, like many others, has the large, cool race-car carts that Jacqui can pretend to drive, but let’s be honest, it’s a bitch trying to maneuver those things down the skinny checkout isles and I’m not into it.

This isn’t an advertisement for Giant Eagle, it just so happens that I use to sling meat for Giant Eagle and I’m mostly loyal to their stores unless I want a bottle of gin or raspberry vodka, then I go to Kroger because they have a liquor store.

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to touch on today. Will have more fun, kid stuff in my next post.

Until next time. PEACE.


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