Garth Algar

My youngest daughter, Jules, has been battling a fever for the last few days and hasn’t been as smiley as usual. It’s like she wants to smile, but suppresses it and the result is a face that makes her look like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World. The picture below may not be the best portrayal, but I didn’t feel like sitting there with my phone in her face to try and capture the perfect shot.

jules garth collage

Medical update: As of Noon today, her fever has gone down and she seems to be returning back to her normal, jovial self. Not going to chalk the fever up to teething because my wife nor I can feel any pushing through. Her little body may be just fighting off an illness.

Medical update two: I actually think I feel a tooth coming through now, so between the time I wrote the first medical update and now, I’m pinning her fever and cranky behavior on her first tooth.

Medical update three: I stubbed my left toe last night on my way into our home office. I popped it on a Radio Flyer wagon wheel, I became instantly angry and yelled a few choice words not suitable for children’s ears. My toenail bent back and had freaking tire treads on it. Hey, it happens… I’m not sure if Jacqui heard me or not. She knows what I said is bad, that’s all that matters.

Educational update: Jacqui learned about the letter ‘A’ yesterday during school time. Just like letter ‘J’, I wrote a bunch of As on a paper, she traced them with a marker. She caught on to ‘A’ a lot quicker than ‘J’ and actually made a few on her own at the bottom of the page. I was proud because she kept saying “Apple, Apple Pie and Airplane” and kept repeating my instructions on how to write the letter… “Up, down, cross”. I then let her draw/write whatever she wanted on the back of the paper. She opted to draw some As inside of some monsters. BOOM. EDUCATOR OF THE FREAKING YEAR.

We didn’t do an ‘A’ lesson today, instead I taught her some Home Economics in the form of frying an egg and rearranging our home office. Also. she helped me bake banana bread the other day. It turned out okay, not as moist (I know some people hate that word, but it’s used correctly here so back off) as I wanted it to be. Next time I’ll cook it five minutes less than I did, maybe that will moisten it up.

banana bread jacqui A

Fun update: My wife, myself and both girls went to the drive-in the other night. We saw Wonder Woman and Baywatch. In-depth reviews below.

Wonder Woman: Not a huge superhero movie guy, but this was a pretty good and entertaining movie. I liked it. Jacqui liked it too before she fell asleep with about 20 minutes left. I’m glad she watched it because it showed her that women can kick some major ass!

Baywatch: It was okay.

mommy jacqui drive in

Photo: Mom and Jacqui looking for airplanes before the drive-in movie started.

Well. That be it for today, folks.

Until next time. PEACE.



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