A Nice Little Trip

So with this new job at Amazon, I get to create my own schedule based on the number of hours they need during the next few weeks. So far, my schedule has been Mon – Thurs, 5PM to 1AM. I’m getting more used to it, I’m going to shoot for that kind of schedule every week if I can, why not? Amazon did give us the option to not work on Memorial Day, so of course, I didn’t work, that gave us an extra day for our Port Allegany visit.

Visiting Port A was a nice little trip. We left Friday morning and pulled in to my parents’ house around 4, unpacked and visited for the rest of the night. Both of my brothers eventually arrived and we just kind of drank beer/wine, BS’d and hung out for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, my Mom put together a little party/picnic for my brother Jordan and his fiancee Kate and her family so we could all get to know each other a little better before their wedding in September. It was a fun time, it’s nice to meet new people and welcome them into the family. FYI: My brother Jordan is marrying a ‘Katherine’ and my brother Chad (aka ‘Weez’, aka ‘Vincent’) married a ‘Katherine’ last September, so there will be two Katherine Barnards. Luckily one goes by ‘Kate’ and the other ‘Katie’ so my brothers won’t mix them up, that could get awkward.

The party continued after the family picnic, a few of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while stopped by and stayed a while. We drank some beers, passed around a bottle of Fireball and munched on some Utz Jalepeno Cheddar chips (pictured below). They were freaking delicious. Some of my youngest brother’s friends stopped by too, at one point, we were all arguing about LeBron and Michael Jordan… Actually, I think there were a few ‘greatest of all-time’ arguments being finalized at this point in the night. Who else was brought up as the possible GOAT in NBA history? I’m glad you asked because I have the list right here: Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Magic Johnson, Kobe, Karl Malone, John Stockton and Shawn Kemp. This is a shotty list as a bunch of legit names were shouted out, these are the ones that I remember.

Long story short, the late-night ‘LeBron vs. MJ’ discussion was manifested by one of my buddies (to conceal identity, we’ll call him Jerry Fawver) just to see who would get fired up about it. My brother, Jordan, added to the entertainment by graciously and confidently channeling his inner Steven A. Smith. Actually, he was making some good points, but all-in-all, it was hilarious. The night ended with me, Beef and Weez discussing the best villains of all-time in TV show history. Shout out to Ramsey Bolton (Game of Thrones) and Trinity (Dexter, season 4) for that discussion.

Sunday was pretty relaxed. Me, my wife and the two Katherines headed to Kane, PA and checked out Flickerfest at the Flickerwood Winery. Not a ton going on, a few vendors, some music… We ended up doing some tastings then headed to CJ’s Distillery, also in Kane. We all got a specialty cocktail and then headed back to Port for family dinner. Monday was also pretty relaxed. My wife, myself and Grammy Barnard took the girls up to my old elementary school playground, messed around there for a little bit, then headed down around the high school and Jacqui went down the huge slide that has been there for probably 40+ years. I was always afraid to go down it because it was high and the metal always felt like hot lava. Jacqui didn’t care, she went down that slide like a boss. After the playground tour, we headed back to my parents’ house and had another family dinner.

Overall, pretty solid trip to Port A. I didn’t visit any bars, which may be a first, but I don’t really care about that any more unless there is a group of my friends going. I didn’t hear about anything going on so I didn’t worry about it. We headed out early Tuesday morning, we were home with plenty of time to spare before my 5PM – 1AM shift started.

Zoo update: We met one of Jacqui’s day care friends at the Columbus Zoo last Tuesday. We’ve got a membership so I don’t feel pressured to traipse around the whole zoo trying to see every animal. It was particularly nice on the day we went because we hit up the zoo playground then touched and gawked at some reptiles on our way out. One of the photos below shows Jacqui in-between her friend and her friend’s dad, holding hands and walking. I thought it was cute so I snapped a picture. As long as Jacqui doesn’t randomly just go up to dudes and hold their hands, I’m cool with it.

Education update: Been slacking really. Between our trip home and traveling yesterday, haven’t had much time for Father University school time. We did go to the grocery store this morning, I had Jacqui count out some of the items I bought, but even I got sick of that and just bulldozed my way through the store to get done.

Okay, this has been a long enough post.

Until next time. PEACE.

port a college may 2017


zoo collage may 2017


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